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Extra Curricular Activities

We, at The Navyandhra School, firmly believe that education impartation remains incomplete if we fail to focus on the holistic development of the learners.We have thus designed an After School Program for our students where along with grooming their academic skills, we also provide them a platform to explore their potential in the creative and extracurricular spheres. The After School Program comprises of three clubs, namely Arts Club, Sports Club, and Study Club, each focusing on strengthening the students on different fronts.

Arts Club – Nurturing the Artist Within

The Arts Club offers activities like Arts and Crafts, Gardening, Casio, Dance, and Vocal Music training that children can take up after the school hours. We believe that art, dance, music, and any other form of performing arts help liberate the mind and empowers it to explore beyond the defined margins. All these can be helpful instruments to instill the skills of creativity, analysis, and logical thinking in young minds.

At The Navyandhra School, we have adedicated arts and crafts room, music room, dance room, western music room, piano room, and plenty of other amenities available on the campus to enable the kids to nurture their inherent skills and talents in the sphere of arts.

Sports Club – Ensuring All-Round Fitness

We believe that sports and outdoor activities form an indispensable part of growing up and impart strength to the body as well as the mind. We, thus, have several arrangements available at the school to enable our students to pick their choice of sport. Indulging in physical activities and regular sports helps our students remain agiler and more capable.We have arrangements for sporting activities like basketball, badminton, judo, karate, skating, and much more.

Study Club – Offering the Best Assistance to Learn& Grow

The third and one of the most unique After School clubs at The Navyandhra School is the study club. We understand that every child learns at a unique pace. While some learn very fast, some take time to get the hang of the concepts. Our study club aims to do equal justice to all our students.Children from the daycare section, as well as the others who need extra attention,can join to learn and practice.

Besides assisting the children in homework, this club also aims at brushing their communication skills and handwriting skills.The world tomorrow will have a significant demand for people with excellent communication skills. Hence, we keep this study club as a place to groom the kids into skilled professionals of tomorrow. Moreover, the club has daycare facilities as well where children can stay after the school hours until their parents come to pick them up.

At The Navyandhra School, we believe that our children are the nation builders of tomorrow. As such, it is crucial that they are honed and groomed in all spheres and not merely academics. When we offer them an encouraging and nurturing environment that aids in their all-round development, these capabilities grow into talents. And the three clubs under our After School Program are established to aid in fulfilling this aim of ours.