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4 Ways Participating in Performing Arts Benefits the Young Minds

Let us begin with a simple question – Do you think education, in its true sense, is all about the academic development of kids? Certainly not! It also entails their physical, mental, psychological, social, and emotional development. And this is exactly why extracurricular activities hold so much prominence in the world of modern education. One such arena in the extracurricular sphere that has particularly attracted the attention of education theorists from across the world is performing arts.

Performing arts stand as one of the finest ways to kindle the fire of creativity in young minds. Activities like dance, theatre, music, poetry, and more form the core of performing arts and are very well known for enabling children to not only unleash their creative potential but also attain deeper insights into the essence of life.

At The Navyandhra School, recognized as one of the Best Schools in Gurgaon Sector 49, we firmly believe that the creative genius of every child needs individual attention. That’s particularly important because performing arts is one such activity, which not only aids in sharpening the uniqueness, imagination, and creativity in children but also provides them a way to express themselves well. Exposure to performing arts strengthens and empowers young minds in several ways. Let us have a look now at the top 4 ways in which indulging in performing arts benefit the kids the most.

Helps improve the communication skills, memory, and focus

Have you ever played any character in any of your school plays or tried portraying a story through dance? If you have, you would know the amount of dedication, focus, and communication skills it takes to portray a character on stage. When children practice their lines from a script, they come across new ideas, words, and speaking mannerisms. All these cumulatively work towards improving the cognitive skills, comprehension level, interpretation abilities, and the potential to memorize in children. 

A way to overcoming the fear of public appearances

Shying away from performing in public or on stage is quite a normal thing for most kids. But this may turn into a phobia if not dealt with well during the childhood years itself. And as you may know, the best way to overcome any fear is always to face it. Therefore, if you wish your child to be self-confident, introduce him/her to any of the performing arts of their choice, and the kid will soon overcome the public appearance fear. When kids receive huge rounds of applauds from the audience, the fear naturally gets replaced with confidence and contentment.

Aids in the psychological growth of children

Every form of performing arts is a way of expressing emotions. From love, hatred, amazement to kindness, serenity, and tolerance, every state of emotion finds a unique expression through dance, drama, music, and more. When children actively engage in performing arts, they find a way to emancipate the mind of all the unsaid and unexpressed feelings. This aids in their psychological growth and fills them up with a lot of positivity and hope.

Enhances social and emotional skills

Group activities help children learn better. When they see others perform, they pick up bits and pieces and assimilate them to improve their own performances. The practice sessions and rehearsals work as the learning ground for every participating child. The way the others deliver their dialogues or the emotion each one is incorporating into the words to inject life into the character provides the young minds with lots of learning opportunities. Also, while performing as a group, children learn to respect others’ convenience, opinions, and perspectives, which helps their growth into empathetic human beings.

As one of the Best Schools in Gurgaon Sector 49, we, at The Navyandhra School, can vouch for the fact that the holistic development of children goes beyond the margins of academic excellence. To that end, performing arts serve as a platform that provides children with multi-dimensional learning and character development opportunities, and that too in a fun-filled way. This is the key reason for us to emphasize on engaging children in the performing arts of their choice.

At The Navyandhra School, we thoroughly encourage our pupils to participate in activities like dance, music, drama, and more, and also have appropriate infrastructure and facilities to support their interests.We have dedicated rooms for western dance, piano, kathak, and much more, which aid our students in grooming and nurturing their inner talents. After all, who knows the next personalities to earn glory and name for their skills in performing arts are sitting right amongst us!

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