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5 Ways You Can Work Out on the Personality Development of Your Children

“Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.”- Charles. M. Schwab

It is said that long before a person is born, his/her character starts getting shaped. Even if we ignore the influences a life receives inside the womb, there remains a substantial variety of impacts that one receives across the lifetime, which shape the personality of the person concerned. Especially during childhood, the surroundings and the influences received from parents, teachers, society, friends, and peers play a critical role in defining the overall personality development of a child.

Just the way the topography and climate impact a tree’s growth and its fruits, so does the influence of the entities that a person comes in contact with. At The Navyandhra School, recognized among the top schools in Gurugram,Sector 49, we believe that the right influences have the power to morph any child into an individual with strong personality traits that could help them achieve any goal in the future. On that note, we have brought forth for you in this article today some highly impactful ways that can positively influence your child in defining his/her strong character traits and personality.

  1. Restrict screen hours to encourage social skill development

In this age of technology and the internet, it is challenging to keep kids away from smartphones, tablets, and laptops. However, addiction to these devices could be a source of detachment from social peers, environment, and friends. Hence, the natural flowering of the emotional and social parameters might get hindered as well. To let your child’s character experience the right social and emotional blossoming, restrict their screen time and instead let them interact with people around them. After all, social and emotional development is central to the overall personality development of children. When children develop social skills, their overall personality naturally blooms.

  1. Be an impetus for the positives in your child

At The Navyandhra School, we firmly believe that every child has some positive qualities and some shortcomings. The focus of personality development should not remain on correcting every flaw, rather on encouraging every positive aspect to outshine the negative ones. The need is to understand that no one can be perfect. Hence, turning your child into someone with no faults can only be a utopian thought. What can be instead done is to strengthen their positive traits so that the positivity in their character emerges the brightest.

  1. Find your loopholes and work on them

Be it the children or the parents, no one is born perfect. But adults can conduct a thorough self-review to realize the shortcomings that might impact their kids in specific ways. For example, if you have a tendency to get angry quickly, your kids might never learn to be patient. And patience is one of the elementary qualities required for strong character development. Hence, work on your loopholes and correct them as you help your kids to grow into resilient, empathetic, sober, and kind individuals.

  1. Refrain fromcomparing your kids with others

Every child is born with unique qualities and capabilities. Hence, comparing one with another can never be a justified solution. Moreover, when you compare your kids with others, they might feel intimidated and gain a sense of low self-esteem. Therefore, encourage your kids for their efforts and,when necessary, criticize them constructively to help them overcome their faults. Comparison can never help you instill the essential qualities for personality development in your kids.

  1. Punish constructively

We understand that parenting is not a cakewalk, and to teach your kids the difference between good and evil, you might have to punish them at times. But see to it that you choose the punishments that help them grow and realize the difference between what is right and wrong. Being too harsh or violent on the little ones can never help as hostile behavior only teaches them inflexibility.

At The Navyandhra School, regarded as the Top School in Gurugram,Sector 49, we believe that parents have the most influence on their children. Hence, be a reflection of the character traits that you wish to instill in your kid. Try indulging in positive parenting, and it will help a lot in the psychological and character development of your little ones.

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