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Are You Being Manipulated by Your Little One?

Do you think that manipulating is a word too big for your child to comprehend, let alone the possibilities of implementing it? Well, in that case, you are simply underestimating your kid! The fact is that several children effectively manipulate their parents without even letting them realize it.  In fact, if you see, children are often more perceptive than adults. Especially when it comes to understanding the unconditional love their parents have for them, they comprehend it well enough to use it as their power weapon to manipulate parents.

No matter if your kids are too obedient or fussy, their behavior can be a charade to convince you in their favor. However, behavior cannot be the sole yardstick for sensing whether you are being manipulated by your little one or not. And on that note, we, at The Navyandhra School, recognized among the top Play school in Gurgaon, have brought forth for you a few clues you can look for to find if your little one is tricking you into getting your nods for everything he/she wants. Read on.

Are you saying ‘yes’ in a free spirit or to avoid the tantrums?

Children will always have their demands, and they will also put in their best to get them. And as parents, you might often find these demands never-ending and annoying. Weighed and stressed by the regular works, you might even often give in to the desires of your kids simply to avoid further problems. This is when the children realize the weakness of the parents and start placing their demands more frequently. Hence, the next time when you say yes to your kid’s demands, ask yourself, “Am I permitting in a free-spirited manner or just to avert some anticipated conflicts?” If it is not a free-willed yes, your child is probably intelligent enough to manipulate you.

Is your child approaching you and your partner separately?

Another common way children manipulate the parents is by taking up the classic “divide and rule” policy. For example, it has been seen that different people follow different ideas, practices, and ways of life. One might think that allowing the kids a few hours of screen time is just fine, whereas the other might be more restrictive about their smartphone use. The same happens in families as well, and children are smart enough to take the opportunity to turn the circumstances in their favor.

Check if your child is approaching you and your spouse separately for the same thing or not. If yes, there are more than just wishes that are going through your child’s mind. Just because they are young, you have no reason to think of them to be incapable of devising ways to achieve what they want.  Talk to your spouse more often about your children to find out if you are being manipulated.

Are your child’s requests sounding more like trade-offs?

We, at The Navyandhra School, have come across many incidences where parents have succumbed to their children’s wills, failing to have found any other way out. You must be thinking that how can a little one leave you with no choices other than agreeing to his/her demands? Yes, they can! Emotional blackmailing is something almost every child does.

Now tell us, do your kids act sad or refuse to eat when they do not get what they want? If yes, you are probably getting manipulated. Children know well that parents would do anything to bring a smile to their kids’ faces. Also, going on a hunger strike will break parents easily as no parent can stand the sight of their child starving with hunger. You might think of your child to be too young to understand all these complex emotions that adults have, but they do. Hence, every time you say yes to any of your child’s demands, make sure that you are not doing so just because you don’t want any complications but because you really think they deserve what they wish for.

At The Navyandhra School, one among the top Play school in Gurgaon, we understand that children are precious to every parent. However, the very responsibility of grooming them into reasonable, humble, morally strong, and honest individuals remains in the hands of parents as well. Give your child everything he/she deserves, but never fall prey to their manipulations. By surrendering, you will only turn them into insensible individuals who take advantage of others’ situations instead of empathizing. Guide them with your well-thought-out principles to help them grow into individuals of strong character and rational thinking.

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