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Can Entrepreneurial Habits be Instilled in Children from a Young Age?

“As man sows, so shall he reap.” – Charles W. Chesnutt

The wise are often heard saying – Whatever a child is made to learn in his childhood, stays with him forever in life. This is indeed true! Sermons learned and patterns formed in early childhood support us like a backbone throughout our lives, whether the requirement arises at the personal front or in the professional sphere.

This brings us to a crucial question – Can entrepreneurial skills be too instilled in children right at an early age? Of course, yes! In fact, we, at The Navyandhra School, firmly believe that childhood is the best time to teach kids the skills and values that could come to their aid later on in life. That’s because childhood is the phase when the mind of children is the most pliable and fertile. As such, whatever skills are taught to them at a young age come to their aid in life ahead.

So today, we, at The Navyandhra School, ranked among the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, through the medium of this article, will shed light on the various simple skills, which, if instilled in children from a young age, can go a long way in garnering entrepreneurial habits in them. Read on.

  • Communication and bargaining skills

It has been seen that children who possess promising and influential written and verbal inter-communication dexterities in their prior years are able to effortlessly form favorable working associations in their professional lives in the future. This is totally logical because, professionally, one needs to discuss, mediate, and negotiate with an array of employees, clients, suppliers, vendors, and potential investors. This is where their well-honed communication and bargaining skills come to their aid.

  • Control over finances

If a child learns and understands how to manage finances in his early years efficiently, it proves beneficial for him in the long term. This is so because possessing the ability to control the finances in a sound manner serves as the key skill when it comes to driving one’s career or business towards the ultimate destination of rewards and profits. After all, to succeed in the entrepreneurial journey, it is vital that you are competent enough to foresee not just your cash inflows, cash outflows, sales but also keep a tab on your profits as well as losses. And all this would certainly require a financial bent of mind.

  • Clarity in vision

The habit of setting short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals from the very beginning in life works as the key in getting one’s hands on big accomplishments in life. However, if a person lacks any vision in public life or any mission in the career, then what follows is inconsistency. This damages all meat and potatoes, nuts and bolts of one’s life in general, and business in particular.

Kevin Mercier, the Founder of Kevmrc.com, once quoted, “Most successful businesses have a strong ultimate objective which they strive for every day.” This explains that vision is crucial for higher-level management as well as lower-level employees so that they toil jointly in synergy to accomplish their entrepreneur’s principal objectives.

  • Readiness to embrace challenges

Children who learn this crucial lesson that a defeat or a setback is just a beginning that eventually evolves into success, are often the ones who openly embrace challenges and create opportunities out of them. Similarly, a great entrepreneur is one who is always ready to make changes and take chances. As a result, such businesses tend to accomplish extra than those who play it safe.

  • Adaptability

Children are deemed to be quite adaptable since birth. When this trait is carried forward by them into their careers or entrepreneurial journey, it helps them keep pace with technological advancements, customers’ ever-changing expectations, and constant shifts in trends. Tom Winter, the founder of DevSkiller, had once said that “Businesses that are resilient and withstand the tests of time, including pandemics, are the ones that are the most adaptable.”

  • Networking

Networking means forming associations, making contacts, erecting a good rapport, fraternizing or socializing, and establishing fruitful connections. This is one skill that is indeed crucial for running any business. If instilled in children at a young age, it prepares them to aptly analyze the situations and acquire the required backing and support well in time to run the business smoothly.

  • Leadership

Leadership is one of the key skills that’s imperative for growing into a successful entrepreneur. A person with strong leadership skills knows how to turn his/her team’s weaknesses into strengths. Such people know how to encourage their teammates so as to squeeze the best out of them and thus boost the final output.

  • Courage

Christopher Gordon, CMO of DASH-SEO, once said that “Tenacity will allow you to withstand the toughest of times and also fully embrace the best of times.”  Many troughs and crests come and go time and again in everyone’s lives, but the real superhero is the one, who nevertheless, has the determination to stand undeterred in the crisis. In businesses as well, everyone inevitably gets to witness a lot of ups and downs. However, if someone possesses the tenacity to push himself through arduous periods and toil hard to reach the desired goal, it is such an individual who can be considered to be on the track of growing into a successful entrepreneur!

We, at The Navyandhra School, positioned among the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, firmly believe that if the two significant pillars in the lives of our little ones, i.e., you – the parents, and we – the educators, work in tandem with each other, we can handily instill entrepreneurial abilities in them. While we, at The Navyandhra School, are leaving no stone unturned in imbuing the qualities and skills like time management, money management, leadership, teamwork, etc., in our pupils, we would also like to urge the parents to work in unison with us towards infusing such skills into the children. It would help the kids advance well in life and achieve the soaring heights of ultimate success!

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