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Comparison done the ‘Right Way’ can help make children aware of their strengths

For ages, the comparison has always been a mode of scaling one thing with respect to another. When gusts of the wind storm a place, we always compare it with another gale to realize its intensity. However, when it comes to humans and, more specifically, children, comparison can be sensitive. Haven’t you ever noticed your child’s smile disappearing under a veil of disappointment when you compare his/her abilities or performances with others in an attempt to make them realize how much they lag?

The thing is that people often confuse comparison with criticism. The objective of comparison should be constructive and not to instill a sense of low self-esteem in your child. At The Navyandhra School, one among the top ten schools in Gurgaon, we believe that if comparison is done the right way, it can be used as a ladder for your child to help him/her climb the ascent of success. However, if gone wrong, it could completely destroy the self-confidence of your little one. The magic lies in the words you use and the approach you take.

Instead of using comparisons for citing the weakness of your child while establishing others as superiors, you can very well implement this tool to glorify your child’s strength. This would then offer the kid the impetus to get over every obstacle on his/her path to progress.

Children feel elated when their parents say positive about them

Everyone cannot be a hero to the world. But, every child struggles to establish their superiority in their parent’s eyes. When parents cast a glance of appreciation on their kids, they not only feel elated, they also get the encouragement and impetus to follow the path ahead, regardless of the hurdles.

If you think that comparing your child’s achievements with another’s to outshine your kid’s abilities is a better way of tempting him/her to put in more effort, you are probably mistaken. At The Navyandhra School, we believe that negative comparisons mostly instill a sense of inferiority and low self-confidence in kids that further repel them from indulging in any ventures with their whole heart. Instead, comparisons that are done with no intentions to look down upon anyone always come out positive and constructive.

Children develop a feeling of jealousy for others when not appreciated

If you would always praise another child and compare your kid’s works with him/her, your child will develop a feeling of antipathy towards the other kid. Even sibling jealousies are often born out of such comparisons. As parents, you must understand that every child is unique and blessed with different potentials. While some learn faster, some take time. While some run fast, some paint well. Comparing the sweetness of mango with the bitterness of bitter gourd will be grossly inappropriate. Both mangoes and bitter gourd come with their own specific features, taste, and nutrition values. Hence, both are important for us. Similarly, appreciating the strengths of your child instead of comparing his/her weaknesses with others would be a wiser move if you want your child’s possibilities to bloom.

Positive comparison can help to keep children motivated on their path of development

No path of life is without its own share of challenges. When a child grows, he/she dodges several such obstacles to find his/her way to the goal. In this journey, you can be their guiding star by practicing positive comparison. Tell them the good qualities they have, which can be used as the foundation stones of their life. Appreciate their achievements, no matter how insignificant, in front of everyone to make them feel proud. Even a few words of appreciation can inspire the kids to cross their limits at times.

At The Navyandhra School, one of the top ten schools in Gurgaon, we believe that every individual, no matter how perfect he/she may appear, has his/her own limitations and weaknesses. After all, the idea of perfection is not about the absence of imperfections. It is about developing the merits, defying the influence of the demerits. At the end of the day, in order to grow into a humble, successful, and honest individual, what your child needs the most is your support at every turn of life. Be the support system for your kids and encourage them to proceed towards achieving their goals with full vigor and dedication. Boost their confidence when they fail, and pat their back when they succeed. And if at all you have to compare your child with another, let it be a positive one that will only cast light on your child’s positives and naturally drives the kid to give out his/her best.

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