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Fostering Creativity Aids in the Holistic Development of Kids – Here’s How!

 You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou

As parents, what do you focus on the most for your kids? Their health and well-being, happiness, education, or something else? Undoubtedly, there are a couple of things that keep hovering on a parent’s mind, but the holistic development of children is something that generally remains on the top of the list.

Now the question here is – What defines holistic development? Can a child doing really well in academics but lacking on the other fronts can be called holistically groomed in the real sense of the term? No! Ideally, holistic development happens only when the equal emphasis is laid on the intellectual growth as well as creative growth of kids. Try and instill a bent of creativity in your children, and you will see how well it helps them experience collective growth.

At The Navyandhra School, one of the top ten schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe in the power of fostering creativity in young minds and thus focus a lot on cultivating seeds of creativity in our pupils right from their early years. This works wonders in the overall development of our little budding geniuses.

So, in this article today, let us have a look at how creativity can aid in the holistic development of children and endow them with a number of benefits.

What does creativity look like?

Creativity as a concept is difficult to describe in a few words. However, we are going to attempt to do just that.

In basic terms, creativity refers to one’s ability to come up with new ideas and possibilities. Creativity has a pivotal role to play in adding colors of entertainment to people’s lives. It enables them to communicate freely with one another and also enables them to grow into better problem-solvers. Thus, it is worth encouraging children to be creative.

What is the ambit of holistic development?

Academic proficiency, even though a major life goal, need not be the only objective in one’s life. For children to develop into well-groomed individuals, holistic development is important.

Holistic development has a lot to do with a child’s overall 360-degree advancement. The objective of this kind of development is to contribute to a child’s physical, mental, emotional, social, interpersonal, intellectual, and spiritual goals.

How does nurturing creativity help ensure holistic development of kids?

  • Offers a path to self-discovery:

Holistic development depends extensively on the child’s ability to understand who he/she is and what his/her life goals are. This has a lot to do with the child taking a path to self-discovery.


It is less known that self-discovery goes hand-in-hand with creative energies. When a child is creatively engaged, he/she is more likely to come close to his/her calling and live the life of his/her dreams. We at, The Navyandhra School, understand this and thus provide our pupils with an open platform to channelize their creative interests more appropriately.


  • Aids in problem-solving:

The ability to face problems and not run away from them is a major part of a child’s holistic growth. It has been seen that children who turn to creativity are more likely to be good problem-solvers.


Any creative task that children choose to take up, they have to go back and forth in order to succeed with it. They have to overcome multiple hurdles before enjoying a finished outcome. Thus, with creativity comes problem-solving, which ultimately aids in the child’s holistic progression.


  • Enables better expression of thoughts:

Children, who keep themselves busy with creative tasks, are on a different journey of learning altogether. It is on such pathways that children develop the habit of better expressing themselves.


In the outside world, for children to learn, grow, and create a reputable position for themselves, they must express themselves. This is an important area of holistic development, and creativity helps achieve this goal.


As one of the top ten schools in Gurgaon, we, at The Navyandhra School, always encourage our students to partake in creative art forms like drawing, painting, singing, poem recitation, dancing, and many others as we firmly believe that it is through these creative activities that children find a getaway to express themselves in a clear and precise manner.


  • Helps relax an anxious mind:

Anxiety has become a matter of concern not just in adults but also in children. Facts suggest that 7.1% of children in the age group of 3 to 17 have been diagnosed with anxiety.


The ability to deal effectively with stress and anxiety is a major part of a child’s holistic development. One of the best ways of countering anxiety is to turn to creative activities. The moment your child starts feeling anxious, the best way out is to engage him/her in some form of creative activity. This works wonders in releasing off the built-up stress and offers immediate relaxation to the anxious mind.


  • Improves concentration:

Progressive children are those who come equipped with strong levels of focus and concentration. This is something that children can achieve when they keep themselves productively occupied with some or the other creative activity.


Creative activities ask for dedication and commitment, and what follows is an unperturbed level of focus.


  • Helps children grow into lifelong learners:

Your child’s acceptance of continued learning is something that holistic development falls back on. This is an important lesson that creativity teaches children.


There’s no denying that children learn something new each time they are creatively engaged. This means that the opportunity to learn never seizes in case of any creative activity.

Creativity and holistic development go hand in hand!

At The Navyandhra School, recognized among the top ten schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe creativity forms a major aspect in ensuring the holistic development of children. If you really wish to enable your little one to grow holistically, it is imperative that equal attention is given to grooming his/her academic as well as creative interests. This is why, at our school, education and learning are not just restricted to books but are expanded to nurturing the creative side of the young minds as well.

As Catherine Hall Tauginbaugh once said, “Creativity is the place where only you can go. Your discovery there will be wonderful, for you will have discovered yourself.” We truly believe in these words and leave no stone unturned in exposing our budding geniuses to various creative activities ranging right from arts & crafts to music and dance.

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