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A well designed state-of-the art school building is laid out in 1.5 acres of land, in a quiet residential area behind Sohna Road. The class rooms are well lit, air conditioned class with CCTV footage. The school has a capacity to add more number of class rooms in the coming years.

The infant wing that houses the pre-nursery, nursery and Kindergarten classes is a peaceful heaven for the little ones to learn through fun activities. There is ample amount of space and play area to develop them during the tender years.

  • Our building is spread across 1.5 acres of land
  • Ample space and lighting in all classes
  • Open lush green park and performing arts space
  • Huge auditorium to accommodate more than 300 people 
  • American style Indoor basketball court 
  • Special Music studios and rooms made for practise sessions
  • Spacious, airy, warm, welcoming
  • kids corner at one end
  • welcoming receptionist.
Activity Area
  • Ensuring safety and age appropriateness
  • Kids friendly
  • Pictures, toys, learning essentials, 
  • Under surveillance all the time
Medical Room
  • Mandated screening and immunization monitoring 
  • A healthful and safe school environment that facilitates learning.
  • Trained Nurses and Doctor available at all times
Day care : 
  • Toys are rinsed off with a sanitizing solution, and/or each child gets a separate box
  • No choking hazards, including small toys or playthings that can break apart into small pieces
  • Clear floors (i.e., not littered with toys)
  • Smoke detectors, clearly marked exits and fire extinguishers
  • The diapering and food prep areas are kept separate and scrubbed after each use
  • Professional learning for teachers and administrators
  • student research area
  • collaborative group work and project-based learning 
  • Literature clubs and book talks
Science  / Maths Lab
  • Modern composite lab with apparatus, chemicals, microscopes, equipment that are relevant for teaching biology, chemistry, Maths and physics 
Classrooms ( nur, first, then senior class) 
All the classrooms in our school are equipped with TATA Edge projectors that help them gain better understanding, visibility and error free learning. Classrooms are spacious, airy, ventilated and centrally air conditioned. Needless to say every classroom is under surveillance at all times for better security, 
Auditorium- Our School Auditorium has a Flexible Seating System for Multipurpose, Audio-Visual integration for Training. Fire Alarm Systems, Surveillance systems, projection systems, 
Basketball Court- Our court is indoors considering summers in india are not too friendly and we do not risk our children when it comes to heat stroke or in case of severe cold weather either.
PlayGround- A lush green playground for our toddlers with swings and yoga classes helps them flex their muscles.
Skating area- This is also indoors keeping a lot of things in mind and specially due to security reasons. Special arrangements have been made for indoor skating tutoring and practising
Table Tennis- Kids or adults, all age groups love to play table tennis for which we have conducted tournaments in our school and have had an immense response. Our trainers help you hone your skills on some of the specialized tables.
Kathak Room- This traditional dance form which is one of the oldest dance forms is loved by all the parents even during our annual function. Our gurus and shishyas have a special room where this art form is practiced.
Vocal / Drum Room- Speical emphasis on children who want to be trained on the vocals with a professional musician / singer associated with us.
Piano Room-Piano lessons with interactive step by step instructions on reading music, chords accompaniment and then moving further to playing melodies
Western Dance- Since we are in an age where most of the children wants to learn various dance forms, it becomes essential for us to provide them with the best instructor and facility to practise this skill.
Fine Arts- We have our professionals who take extra care of students learning abilities and teach them the techniques of a fine painting artist.
Staff Room- Our gurus are the guiding force and the main element of our school. Hence their room comes with special arrangements where they can be at ease while shuffling between their classes. Dedicated lockers, food corner, cupboards and their own reading space.