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Kids need parental encouragement and not pressure to head towards success

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” – Matthew Jacobson

We often hear or read interviews of children about their accomplishments in a variety of domains. However, on being asked about the force behind their success, their standard reply is ‘the backing of their parents!’ No wonder, kids’ first teachers are always their parents! After all, it is the parents who ingrain in children the fundamental principles and lay down the foundation for their future successes.

However, unfortunately, at times, it is seen that many parents put undue pressure on these little minds to perform, to fulfill some of their unfulfilled dreams and objectives. They deem their young ones as the bridge that can help compress the gap between them and the goals once they aspired. Not many know but adopting this kind of strategy of putting an unwarranted burden on kids results in several harmful impacts on the little ones, such as:

  • Unnecessary pressure leads to increased anxiety levels, depression, or other mental illnesses in kids.
  • Nasty habits like cheating and copying are born in kids. Their sole motive becomes just to make parents happy either by hook or crook. They don’t hesitate to resort to even a few illicit methods for that purpose.
  • Constant nagging by parents and fear of not being able to perform up to the mark backfire sometimes. As a result, the kids totally lose the urge to partake and the appetite to participate in any activity.

On the other hand, continuous encouragement from parents works wonderfully in the case of children. At The Navyandhra School, one of the Play school in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that positivity implanted by parents transpires into a positive mindset of kids. Just like a ripple effect, they are more likely to:

  • Be regular in their studies

In order to make the kids willingly indulge in their studies regularly, a few simple and basic encouragement techniques by the parents can work the best. It could be simply getting involved in their schoolwork, telling them that it’s ok to commit mistakes, rewarding effort rather than the outcome, and telling them to see the bigger picture. All in all, your positivity and support as a parent can make them feel more involved in their studies, and that too, without any crying sessions.

  • Adapt themselves according to challenges

Kids get a dose of motivation when they see their parents toiling but still determined in hardships. They take the cue and try to follow. Parents play a crucial role by letting kids manage challenges on their own, lending an ear to their stresses, and persuading them to embrace and tackle challenges well.

  • Boost their academic performance

We, at The Navyandhra School, one of the Play school in Gurgaon, have seen that when parents remain actively involved in their kids’ academic development, kids are able to perform fairly well in their academics. Your simple gestures, like helping the kids break down their assignments into manageable pieces, can actually make the whole task easier for them. Furthermore, by getting involved and assisting them in constructing a time-table, teaching them organizational skills, meeting their teachers, attending PTM’s, identifying an excellent study spot for them at home, keeping a regular check on the school’s website, and last but not least, by being firm and consistent about the home-work rules are some other encouraging techniques.

  • Perform excellently in extra-curricular activities

When it comes to extra-curriculars, parental encouragement is rather necessary. Here, children need parental support not just in the form of financial resources and time but also in letting them choose the field of their own interest.

  • Grow better socially and morally

There’s no denying that children take their very first cues for their social and moral development from none other but their parents. As such, when parents remain encouraging in teaching kids about empathy and emotions and take efforts to imbue in them the necessary social skills, it lays the path for their strong social and moral development. Traits like helping others, sharing, actively listening to others, making constant eye contact while talking, etc., are some of the core things that parents can teach the kids to induce brilliant social skills and behavior in them.

Minor changes and slight flexibility adopted by parents in their attitude can multiply the benefits manifold. In more refined terms, we, The Navyandhra School, Gurgaon, would suggest that parental encouragement induced in any form, like:

  • by just being there for the kids
  • by being kind, acceptive, and warm towards children
  • by acting as the required stimulus in their hour of need
  • by letting them take small decisions themselves
  • by not using the reward and punishment method in every circumstance
  • by not putting each and every parenting advice received into practice and instead following the science-based path
  • by putting encouraging vocabulary like ‘You can do it!’ ‘Go for it!’ ‘You are already a winner!’ ‘You are capable of anything and everything!’ ‘See! You figured it out!’ etc., to maximum use.

Conclusively, being the mentors and guides for these young spirits, we, The Navyandhra School, positioned among the Play school in Gurgaon, would just like to render that yes, witnessing the kids reach the heights of success is certainly every parent’s dream. However, adopting any short-cut or forceful method for the same will just backfire. Understand, what these little minds need is our encouragement and not unwarranted pressure!

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