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Learning & Unlearning is a Crucial Part of Parenting

Learning & Unlearning is a Crucial Part of Parenting

As we all know, learning is a continuous process. Irrespective of your age, education, and nature of work, there is always immense scope for you to keep learning. That said, apart from learning, unlearning is also equally, or at times, even more important.

While learning has to do with gaining knowledge related to new concepts and happenings in the world we live in, unlearning has to do with letting go of some of the learning because that learning ceases to hold any meaning in today’s rapidly evolving world.

The same theory becomes applicable to parents and their parenting approach. No doubt, parenting is a highly subjective concept. However, there is always scope for improvement and betterment.

Keeping this as the center of discussion in this article today, we at The Navyandhra School, one of the best schools in gurugram, would like to share with our respectable parent community why there is a rising need for the modern-world parents to keep way for both learning and unlearning and shouldn’t hesitate to walk in this direction. Let’s read on.

Why does “learning” form an indispensable part of the parenting journey?

There is no denying that it is absolutely difficult and challenging to read the mind and emotions of another individual. As a parent, you are often expected to assume this role and work towards getting to know your child better. Here again, if you have more than one child, this gets all the more difficult because now you have to study the nature and behavioral patterns of each of your children and ultimately react in a well-thought manner. Hence, learning to understand your children, especially during their hard times, requires you to put in work and effort.

Secondly, it is quite possible that your child is an introvert who finds it difficult to mix around with other children of his or her age. Even though this may not immediately appear as a problem, once your child grows up, he or she will have difficulty in cracking a job interview, making a pitch to the investor, or working collectively in a professional setup towards a common objective.

Your role as a parent would entail learning ways to help your child in breaking the ice with his/her peers so when they grow up, they do not face difficulty in getting along with others and do not have to suffer in isolation.

A major part of your parental learning also involves passing on the right learning to your child, which can help your child in becoming a better person in the days to come. Something as basic as being a humble and generous human, to not hesitating to greet someone with a thank you, are some of the vital values that can help children go up and far in life.

Unlearning is equally crucial for spot-on parenting

Living in a fast-paced world, even a minor thing sees a drastic change with every passing day. Amidst this, parents need to nudge themselves to restructure their values and belief systems. For instance, you may have been brought up to believe that making a place for another person by stepping aside is a sign of being a giving individual.

If you teach your children similar values today, your child will not be in a position to cope with the competition and go-getter attitudes of other children his/her age. Here your job would be to unlearn outdated information that was once fed to you and walk towards being up-to-date with new-age information. This, in turn, will make survival and sustenance for both you and your children possible in today’s day and age.

Yet another learning that we at The Navyandhra School would like to remind the parents to unlearn is with respect to the professional choices children make. It is quite possible that most parents have grown up with the idea that good scores should lead a child to pursue traditional engineering or medicine degrees. However, today’s children wish to opt for unconventional career alternatives, which is something parents need to make peace with and be accepting towards. Choosing to be a doctor is great, but there is nothing wrong with becoming a singer, either. Right?

Parenting is not a destination; it is a journey!

As a parent, if you feel that you have reached a point where everything has started making sense to you, and there is no further scope left to update your knowledge and information basket, it is time you think again! There are bright chances that you have overestimated your abilities and are walking in the dark.

The law of the planet states that no person can ever stop learning or unlearning. Parents are no exception to this theory. Hence, as a responsible educational entity and a best schools in gurugram, we at The Navyandhra School do not hesitate to offer the necessary guidance in this regard, especially to the parents of children studying at our institute. Through this article, we would like to urge the parents to accept the importance of learning and unlearning while putting their best foot forward to make the most of this acceptance.

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