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Make Remote Learning Easy for Your Kids: Here’s How You Can Do It

The COVID-19 pandemic threw a few too many challenges people’s way, affecting their lives in ways they could not perceive. But it affected young learners the most as regular school life came to a grinding halt. To overcome this chaotic situation and help our children, we at Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok, swiftly devised a tailor-made curriculum for online classes.

We agree that being an entirely new way of teaching and learning, there have been a few challenges along the path of virtual classes. But we truly appreciate how teachers and parents have worked together to help overcome every obstacle and have aided the children to get back to learning in this new normal. So today, we, at The Navyandhra School, positioned among the Top 5 Schools in Gurgaon, have brought for you four key points that we believe are critical to ensuring that remote learning is made easy for the kids. Read on.

Creating a suitable learning environment at home

Under normal circumstances, a child goes to pre-school and then to a regular school for his/her overall development. The environment with all its elements plays a significant role in molding a child correctly. However, this scenario has now changed due to the pandemic. To remedy this situation, teachers all around the world took to virtual classrooms and online classes to continue with uninterrupted learning for the kids.

But being in the home setups, it is more likely that children get easily distracted during the sessions. It is hence important that you work together with other family members to reduce these distractions and provide a peaceful learning environment to the child. Make a routine and stick to it no matter what. Avoid entertaining other activities during your child’s school hours. This will help your child to concentrate better on the sessions and be more active in the learning process.

Providing technical and emotional support

Parents are the unsung heroes in remote learning. They provide the necessary resources (laptops, mobile devices, internet connectivity, and even a private room) to monitor their children and check them on occasions. To help give your child an immersive and fun learning experience, try and become an active participant in their remote education. No, we don’t mean that you must sit right next to the kid for as long as the sessions go on, but by being active, we mean you should at least know what the child is up to. Provide the support the child needs from you.

The fear of uncertainties during these times is hard for even adults, so imagine the plight of a child!  As such, giving them emotional support and nurturing optimistic thinking is just as crucial as providing them with the necessary academic support.

Freeing up time for breakout sessions and games

A school is much more than a place where children learn. It is also the place where they make memories and lifelong friendships. But owing to the pandemic, the regular learning schedule has shifted to online learning. As such, long hours in front of a screen and little to no connection with their friends have emerged as some of the biggest evils of remote learning.

Thus, to ensure holistic learning even at home, try to mimic the normal school and classroom setup as much as you can. Bake in physical activity whenever there is time in between the classes and organize adult-free breakout sessions at home so that kids can reconnect with their friends.

Help them sync into the process

This point especially holds true for the youngest learners of ours who just started off with their school journey maybe a year or two back, and then the pandemic hit, and things got majorly impacted. We understand how difficult it must have been for them to have a complete cut-out from their regular fun-filled school days and transition to screen-based learning.

Though we, at The Navyandhra School, being one of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, are striving to keep the teaching-learning process as simple and exciting for our students, we would also like to urge the parents to help and empower the kids to tune into the process. And it won’t be that difficult – begin by teaching them to how to join the classes on their own. Let them know how to mute/unmute the microphone, how the camera functions, and other things related to the sessions. We firmly believe that each of these little ones are super minds, and as such, they are really quick at grasping the things. When you teach them the basics of attending the online classes, they feel empowered to take care of their sessions on their own, and show far more interest in the remote learning sessions.

Summing up

“Believe you can, and you’re half way there” – Theodore Roosevelt.

One and half years into the pandemic, and things are now finally starting to show up. However, it is a long way from getting back to the old ways. And though we are praying and hoping for the pandemic to go away so that we can once again have the ‘normal’ life back, you never know what the future has in store. With the waves of corona striking back every few months, it won’t be wrong to say that remote learning is here to stay. And as such, it would be best to embrace it and try and make things easy for our little learners as well. We, at The Navyandhra School, one of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, understand this and are thus leaving no stones unturned to make our classes interactive and fun for our children.

We understand that the traditional whiteboard/blackboard or textbook pedagogy is not going to work well in the case of remote learning. We have thus switched to more interactive lesson plans for our students. Our teachers keep looking for new and exciting ways to impart knowledge while keeping the students active throughout the class. Trivia, elocutions, role-plays, etc., are some of the unique learning methods that we work on. We are trying our best and working closely with the parents to ensure that remote learning is just as exciting for the kids as the regular school is.

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