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Screen Time While Eating: Why is it a Bad Habit?

Screen Time While Eating: Why is it a Bad Habit?

As adults, we often complain about how difficult it is to reduce our screen time, particularly because extensive screen time leads to unmanageable consequences. Facts don’t change with respect to children as well! It is a common scenario to witness children consuming their meals while watching television or playing on a mobile phone. We know that as a parent, you may be happy about the fact that your child is consuming enough food without getting cranky or throwing tantrums. However, unfortunately, this is only one side of the story. If you study in further depth, you will understand that extensive screen time, especially while eating, isn’t a good idea. 

So today, in this article below, we, at The Navyandhra School , Top School in Sector 49, will shed light on why screen time while eating should be a complete no-no! Let’s read on.


Here’s why screen and meal time aren’t the best of companions:


  • You lose track of what and how much you are eating:

Science suggests that as much it is important to consume a balanced meal, it is equally important to be present while consuming the said meal. This is something that is completely ignored when children get into the habit of eating before a screen. 

They are so engrossed in the television or mobile phone before them that they lose track of what and how much they are consuming. This ultimately leads to overeating, which is likely to make the child feel uncomfortable after the meals and also raise their chances of growing obese. Thus, saying no to screen time should ideally be the best mealtime policy!

  • Fear of choking:

Children have a tendency of losing themselves to the screen they are sitting before. They tend to completely ignore their food plate, and this increases the possibility of choking. In fact, lack of attentiveness is one of the primary reasons behind choking. What happens here is that the food ends up finding its way to the windpipe instead of the food pipe, which in some cases can get so serious that immediate hospitalization or medical attention may be required.

  • Poor habit forming:

Children, who have a tendency of sitting before a screen and consuming their meals, make this their habit, rather quickly. It isn’t uncommon for such children to demand exposure to television or mobile phone every time they have to consume food. 

As such, the absence of screen time can get them irritated and annoyed to an extent wherein they might refuse to consume food altogether. The last thing you would want is for your child to disrespect food by being stubborn and arrogant. It is because of this reason that eliminating screen time during meals is highly advised.


Reducing screen time during mealtime:


Now that we know that screen time exposure isn’t a good idea, especially during mealtimes, it is important to work out ways in which children themselves choose to detach from screen viewing while having their meals. Sounds good, right, but how to do that?


Well, the first thing to do is to make sure that your child is indeed hungry. When hungry, all your child would want to do is finish everything that is served on the plate without having any external distractions. 


Similarly, if you feel that your child is a little fussy and choosy with respect to meal choices, what you can do is put your experimentation hat on and get a little creative with your servings. Even though these might seem like real basic changes, the outcome is sure to delight you.


Final thoughts:


Feeding your children well is an objective that every parent lives by. While there is nothing wrong with this, when you do so, it is important that children learn to be grateful for the meal served on their plate. They should stay attentive and give respect to the food that sits before them. This is something that cannot be achieved when children’s attention is divided between the screen on one hand and food on the other. 


Now since good habits develop at an early age, it becomes your responsibility, as a parent, to ensure that your children see, feel, and taste the food served to them while being 100% present in the moment. Thus, we, at The Navyandhra School, Top School in Sector 49, would like to urge the parents to see to it that you teach your children not just to respect food but also to exercise self-control, which we believe is an important element in limiting their screen time exposure not just while having meals, but also in life as a whole. We can assure you that such a simple habit of avoiding screen time while having meals will fetch your kids great results in terms of good health and overall well-being. 

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