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Sports – A Vital Component of Modern World Education

Sports – A Vital Component of Modern World Education

Modern world education is more of an inclusive approach, where the focus is not just on making the students perform well in academics but also on providing the learners with a number of diverse resources and activities that contribute to their holistic development. One such activity that has been a part of children’s lives for almost forever is sports.

Having said that, for the longest time, sports have had the image of being a physical activity and an engagement that allows children to take a break from their academic routine. However, today, in modern times, sports is seen as an activity that contributes to the overall growth and development of children. In fact, the benefits of actively engaging in sports are so far and wide for children that sports is now regarded as a vital component of modern world education.

So today, through this article below, we at The Navyandhra School, ranked among the Best School in Sector 49, will shed light on some of the ways in which sports contribute to the overall growth and development of kids.


  • Sports instill a spirit of sportsmanship in children:

When children appear for examinations, only one student comes out as a ranker. Similarly, when children complete their educational years and step out in search of job opportunities, there are instances wherein someone else gets preferred as a part of the job selection process.

In such situations, what helps is to know that wins and failures are a part of every individual’s life, which needs graceful acceptance. This is an important dimension that sports introduce in the lives of children by shaping them not just for tomorrow but also for many more years to come.

This is exactly why we at The Navyandhra School encourage parents to give children a free hand when it is time to choose and play sports.


  • Sports teach them the value of being available for others:

When playing a group sport, if the objective is to win, it is necessary that all the team members be on the same page. For instance, in a game of football, it takes the support of multiple players to make a goal. However, most of the time, the person hitting the goal takes away all the recognition and appreciation. Amidst this, sports players are groomed to acknowledge a fellow player’s success and not get bogged down thinking that they are being overshadowed. Through the course of this, children learn to be available for others, which comes in handy when children grow up and join a corporate, where they are placed in a team and are required to support other group members. After all, this is what education aims to achieve!


  • Sports infuse leadership abilities:

Children who are used to playing group sports often find themselves in captaincy positions, where they are expected to lead and direct the team. There may be multiple instances wherein the game may not function as per the initial plan, and the leader may have to introduce last-minute changes. Likewise, as the course of the game flows, a certain member of the team may feel demotivated due to his or her inability to play well, which is when the leader will have to squeeze in and give the player a quick pep talk. We at The Navyandhra School have observed that such children go on to become worthy leaders in the future. They are not just capable of taking responsibility for their team but are also open to delegating responsibility if such a need arises.


  • Development of interpersonal skills:

One skill that can help you get through any limitations that life throws at you is your ability to communicate well. Right from answering your oral examinations in school to cracking your dream job interview, in every area, big and small, your communication skills will come to your rescue.

 One of the best ways of strengthening communication abilities in children and ensuring that they enjoy polished interpersonal skills is by giving them a free hand to play sports. To win a sport, it becomes essential for sportspeople to communicate clearly with one another and pass on timely information. If you are struggling to get your children into communicate better, here is an excellent alternative you should be exploring right away.


Concluding words

All this while, if you have been assuming that sports do not have a role to play in children’s education and ultimately shaping them into informed and independent individuals, you need to think again!

A quick look through the above write-up should help you understand that sports contribute to children’s personalities in multiple ways. This is the reason why we at The Navyandhra School, one of the Best School in Sector 49, do not just persuade our pupils to pursue their favorite sport but at the same time ensure that parents understand the importance of sports in their children’s lives as well.

In today’s date, when stress has become an inseparable part of our lives, sports help children in getting rid of all the stress baggage and think clearly. This support eventually helps children focus better on academics, pursue extra-curricular activities with a new zeal, and ultimately carve a happy and healthy way forward. Hence, it would be safe to conclude that academic performance and sports are linked to one another, with the latter having a positive influence on the former.

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