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Sports Help to Instill Positive Attitude in Children: Here’s How

One of the most challenging and upsetting things for any parent is to see their kids losing confidence in themselves and their abilities. It generally happens due to negative thoughts that stem from fear, self-doubt, or shame and can change a child’s general attitude towards life. After all, it only takes a little self-doubt to alter the happiest, most positive child into a timid and apprehensive individual.

The fact is that while no one wants to feel negative, there are a lot of things in life that are out of our control. The feelings are stronger in children who view the world from their unique, almost pure viewpoint and get easily influenced by difficulties and hurdles. Repeated episodes of negative experiences and the failure to overcome them can ultimately cause a change in their attitudes, making them negative about life in general.

However, we, at The Navyandhra School, one among the play school in gurgaon, believe that as their parents and educators, we have a huge role and great power in ensuring that despite the ups and downs, our kids maintain a positive attitude in life. To that end, encouraging and empowering the kids to actively partake in sports is one of the most impactful things we can do to teach them the power of positive thinking. We have witnessed that when children are provided with the opportunity to participate in the sporting activities they love, it works wonders in instilling positive thoughts and an optimistic attitude in them. This is why at our school, we have laid special emphasis on incorporating sports into our holistic learning framework, and it has benefitted our students in many ways.

In this blog today, we will shed light on how playing games and sports help instill a positive attitude in children and why you should encourage your kids to have a place for sports in their everyday routine. Happy reading!

All emotions are valid (and important). Even the negative ones!

At this point, you may think that if a positive attitude is so important, all negative feelings must be ‘bad, right? Well, no! There is nothing called a ‘bad’ emotion. Every feeling your child has (good, bad, indifferent) is valid, and it’s essential to give them a safe space where they can express their emotions without feeling pressured.

According to top psychologists, if you coax your child to always channel happy thoughts, you are unknowingly making happiness a ‘burden’ – something children must do to make you happy. On the contrary, teach your kid how to identify negative thoughts and stop these thoughts from overpowering all other rational thoughts. This is where sports come into play.

At The Navyandhra School, recognized among the play school in gurgaon, we use sports as a character-defining activity to help our students work around their negative thoughts and focus on the good things in life. By regularly participating in group and solo sports, they not only stay physically fit but also become more resilient and connected to reality.

Sports help build a positive attitude in children

There are several benefits of playing sports, and they range from physical and mental fitness to improved learning outcomes. In addition to these, sports also serve as a key player in developing the personality and strength of character in kids. It teaches them essential life skills in the most organic and fun way!

When children play the sports they love, it not only helps to build up their self-confidence but also teaches them a crucial lesson that failures are nothing but a stepping stone to success. However, it does take many years of patience and perseverance to attain this level of sportsman spirit. So, the early you start, the better the results!

Here are some of the ways in which sporting activities teach kids how to have a positive outlook in life.

3 ways in which sports help develop a positive outlook in children

  • Sports teach children to take success and failure in a stride

One of the biggest problems children face once they leave the safety and comfort of their homes and enter into the real world is the disconnection between both lives. What generally happens is that all parents want to give their children all the comfort possible and leave no stone unturned in shielding them from the adversities. However, in this attempt to protect the children against all odds, kids remain devoid of getting a flavor of the real world. So, when they move to college and the professional sphere ahead and have to fend for themselves, they begin to grapple for breath. This is where exposing them to sports gains significance. When children are provided with early exposure to games and sports, it helps to level the playing field for children and prepares them to take the successes as well as challenges in stride. Sports teach children about success and failure in equal measures and equip them with the skills to cope well with the challenges.

  • Sports provide a controlled environment to kids to deal with emotions

As we mentioned earlier, the goal of character building is to give children a proper outlet for their emotions and not dismiss negative feelings altogether. Since sports activities happen in a controlled and supervised set-up, these are an excellent starting point for children to experience the full spectrum of emotions. While playing sports, children can deal with strong feelings in a safe place. When children learn from experience, they precisely know how to tackle negative thoughts better once they are on their own.

  • Sports help children understand and communicate their emotions better

When we think of team sports like football, hockey, etc., we immediately link them to one essential life skill – how to work well in a team. However, there’s one more critical skill that such sports teach children. When kids play as a team, they grow better as communicators and also learn to express their feelings in a better way.  As you know, good communication is central to developing a positive outlook in life. It helps clear even the most clouded thoughts when you put them into words.

Summing up

There are endless benefits of maintaining a positive attitude, and as such, it is best to inculcate this habit early on in life. Sports and games help kids work around stressful situations in the most natural and constructive way. At The Navyandhra School, positioned among the play school in gurgaon, we understand this and have hence not only incorporated games and sports into our pedagogy but also encourage the parents to let their kids have a place for sporting activities in their everyday schedule at home as well. After all, what could be a better way to help kids embrace a positive attitude in life than sports, which is the most fun-filled and relaxing exercise for the young minds!

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