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Teaching Children about Respect & Empathy

A child’s character building is one of the primary responsibilities every parent remains entrusted with throughout their kid’s growing up period. In that sense, respect and empathy are two virtues that strengthen the foundation of the character of an individual. After all, an individual’s personality gets weighed on the yardstick of how respectfully and empathetically one interacts with the rest. And this makes it absolutely important to focus on teaching the kids these two traits that determine how they will treat others when they grow up. It is vital that children learn to respect and interact humbly without being biased about the caste, creed, age, gender, religion, and socioeconomic status of others.

And as they say, every revolution starts from home; learning also finds its foundation at home. At The Navyandhra School, positioned among the top 10 schools in Gurgaon, we believe that children can only grow up to be humble human beings if they start learning qualities like respect, empathy, cooperation, sharing, and perseverance from an early age. After all, these are the attributes that establish humanity on firm grounds. If parents could take the initiative to teach their kids to be gentle, sensitive, and understanding, they will grow up to be individuals capable of paying the respect everyone deserves and will, in turn, also command the same for themselves. On that note, let us have a look today at how you can teach your kids about the importance of maintaining respect and empathy for everyone in life.

Empathize with your child

The best way to cultivate respect and empathy in your kids would be to set examples before them. Act empathetically with your child, and he/she would learn to react similarly when faced with identical circumstances. Be flexible towards their emotional and physical needs, listen to their ideas with attention and respect, and be a support in their times of distress. Everything you do, your child will eventually learn to replicate. Therefore, by practicing empathy in daily life, you can extend valuable lessons to your children without much hassle.

Talk to your kids respectfully

 At The Navyandhra School, we believe that the idea of respect is more of a reflection than of origin. Respect your kids, and they will learn to respect others spontaneously. You can surely instruct your child a hundred times that they should respect older people, parents, teachers, and everyone they come across. But, respect is a feeling that should come from within one’s heart without any inhibitions. When a child receives respect, he/she learns to give respect to others naturally.

You do not have to extend moral training for instilling this quality in your kid. Love the people around you, talk to everyone respectfully, pay attention to your kid’s words, and include the little ones in day-to-day decision-making to help them comprehend the true meaning of respect. Once they learn to respect everything around them, they will be respectful by nature.

Expand your child’s horizons

By including the outside world into the periphery of your child’s list of concerns, you will help him/her learn the value of being empathetic. Teach them how important the natural world is to us. Talk about the role of trees, rivers, air, mountains, woods, and animals in our lives. This will allow them to think beyond their visible expanse. Being one of the top 10 schools in Gurgaon, We, at The Navyandhra School, have seen that when kids are provided with the opportunities to see and explore beyond the horizon, it enables them to discover the true essence of empathy that binds the world together. Hence, if you want to teach your kids empathy, let them feel the extensive vibe of compassion and empathy that makes the co-existence of millions of species possible on earth.

At The Navyandhra School, ranked among the top 10 schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that this entire contour that your child should learn to revere must also include our planet and the animal kingdom. After all, compassion, respect, empathy, and kindness are virtues that can transform a child into a humble human being and a good citizen. Comprehending the very notion that everyone on earth deserves the planet equally is the cornerstone for realizing the importance of being respectful and empathetic to a fellow soul.

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