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The Innate Curiosity of Young Minds Can Be Used to Pave the Path for Impactful Learning

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” – William Arthur Ward, American philosopher and motivational writer

Curiosity, i.e., the undeniable desire to explore more and know more, is an integral part of learning. In fact, when we speak of self-learning or effective imbibition of knowledge, we essentially refer to encouraginga curious mind with a thirst to know about new ideas and information. Per se, it is a good thing that young minds, with their zeal to understand and make sense of the world they inhabit, are innately curious in nature. And we, at The Navyandhra School, recognized as the top school in Gurgaon,Sector 49,believe that as the teachers and mentors of the young minds, it is one of our prime responsibilities to channelize that curiosity along the right path in order to ensure impactful learning.

In all these years we have spent educating the young buds of the nation, we have been able to get a close look at the impact of curiosity on learning from an engagement perspective and a recognition-and-recall perception. So, with that in mind, we, at The Navyandhra School, will delve in this article today into the close-knit connection between curiosity and effective learning.

Considering curiosity from an engagement perspective

We believe that the foremost benefit of curiosity is that it drives engagement. When the young learners remain interested and curious about any topic, they naturally pay more attention to it and learn more as a result.

Curiosity makes the brains more receptive to learning, and as such, the learners start enjoying the process of learning. They perceive it as an enjoyable and exciting activity instead of something that they have to be goaded into. When we instill such a level of curiosity in students, they don’t just actively ask questions in the classroom but also seek out the answers.

The connection between curiosity and memory

Our emphasis on encouraging curiosity of young minds also stems from the fact that it impacts both creating and recalling memories. A curious kid will not just look for answers but also keep them ingrained in the mind for a long time. After all, the lessons learned through satiating one’s curiosity are the ones that are never forgotten.

Don’t you feel highly curious when you feel the need to recall something that you already know but can’t quite remember? It’s somethingthat is called the “tip of the tongue” situation. So, the kids feel the most curious when they already know something but still have the drive to store that knowledge in the mind permanently.

Curiosity as the first step towards creativity and innovation

As one of the top schools in Gurgaon, Sector 49, we, at The Navyandhra School, believe that only if we can inspire each of our young pupils to be creative enough and broaden their perspective to think out of the box, can we consider ourselves doing a good job as an educational institution that is entrusted upon with the responsibility of shaping the young minds. After all, when children learn to think differently and their innovations are lauded, they have a better chance at thriving in this highly competitive modern world. In this regard, the significance of curiosity comes into play because it is the skill that makes an individual think beyond all that is conventional and predictable.

Creating self-learners by encouraging curiosity

Our Chairman, Mr S.K. Verma, opines that creating self-learners is one of the biggest achievements of a school as this is a trait that makes children keener towards seeking knowledge and improving their skills each day. Curiosity drives children towards self-learning, and thus, when we ignite the fire of inquisitiveness in their mind, they naturally partake in actively pursuing greater awareness. When knowledge is acquired in such a manner, it has better prospects of remaining ingrained in the mind for a lifetime.

Keeping the significance of curiosity for young learners in sight, we, at The Navyandhra School,regarded as the Top School in Gurgaon,Sector 49,have always strived to encourage and inspire such a skill in our students. Be it through their classroom lessons, assignments and projects, or experiential learning activities, we make sure that the innate curiosity never fades away and continues to aid the kids in their present and future accomplishments in learning.

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