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The Right Way of Communicating Your Emotions to Your Kids

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Things seem pretty easy when it comes to providing facts or giving instructions to the kids. For instance, don’t you keep telling them things like, “watch out for the cars when crossing the road” or “please get ready for your swimming lessons,” and so on. However, it gets a little tricky when it comes to communicating our emotions to our kids, isn’t it? We can understand that you want your kids to understand your feelings, thoughts, and emotions just as much as you want to be in sync with theirs. The big question is how to get through to the young buds while holding their attention and making them truly realize your sentiments.

At The Navyandhra School, regarded as one of the Play school in gurgaon, we believe that communicating your feelings to your kids is of utmost importance because it sets the path to their emotional literacy. It brings an openness to your relationship with your children, which makes them feel at ease about sharing their thoughts with you. And, on that note, let’s show you the right way to communicate your feelings to the kids in this article today.

Indulge in two-sided conversations with your kids

Our first advice would be to have a two-sided conversation with your kids where you both talk and listen to what your kids have to say. When you ask them about how their day went, tell them about yours, too. Sharing your emotions with your kids in this way will make them feel that you value their opinions and thoughts. Besides, kids look at the world in a much different way than we do, and you never know when their insights surprise you.

Let them know how they make you feel

An aspect of emotional literacy is to let kids know about how they make you feel through their actions without blaming them for it. For instance, you can tell them something along the lines of “I feel really glad seeing you work so hard on your assignment” instead of telling them that it’s not okay if the assignment isn’t good enough. It’s important to talk about your feelings in a positive light to let children come up and talk about theirs.

Create specific talking rituals with your kids

We have noticed that every child has a style of conversing and listening. Maybe your kids are keener at doing both at night rather than first thing in the morning, or maybe the drive to school is the best time for them. Set aside the time when they are lively talkers and communicate your emotions and ideas to them during that time. You would note that their minds are much more penetrable to your words during your daily talking ritual.

Be kind on yourself to become a role model to kids

We completely understand that as parents, you want to shield the apple of your eyes from the trials and turbulences that you go through on a regular basis. After all, you are their supermoms and superdads, right? However, even superheroes have bad days! So, even if you had a rough day, do not hide it from your kids. Let them know during the casual discussion or maybe at the dinner table that you had a bad day because of whatever reasons you faced or if you have been feeling under pressure at work. It will help your kids understand that every human has his/her own share of good and bad days, and it is okay to feel low at times. What is important is to discuss the issues with the family and seek their support and advice.

Show them how you navigate through strong emotions

While it is good to communicate your emotions to your kids, it is not enough! You also need to show them the right way to navigate through those big feelings. Talk to them about how you deal with hurt, sadness, and joys. In fact, while telling them about your feelings, also communicate how you are managing the strong emotions.

At The Navyandhra School, one of the Best preschool in gurgaon, we understand that as parents, all that you want at the end of the day for your kids is that they not only grow into proficient and accomplished individuals but also be sensitive and empathetic in their behavior. And the first steps towards ensuring that start with you. So go ahead, try and adopt our suggestions shared in this article above, and this will surely aid you in laying the right path in that direction.

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