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The Top 5 Apps of 2021 to Ease out Learning for Young Minds

In the present era of the ever-advancing technology taking over the world and everything we do, keeping children away from smartphones and tabs is neither viable nor advisable. In fact, we, at The Navyandhra School,regarded as the Best School in Gurugram, Sector 49, believe that letting children have a healthy exposure to technology and guiding them on the beneficial use of it can be of immense help when the aim is to keep pace with the demands of the modern world. And to that end, introducing children to various educational apps can be one of the most effective ways of showing them how to put technology to good use. The fact that these apps also make learning easier to imbibe and far more engaging is a major added plus. So, on that note, let’s take a closer look at the top 5 apps of 2021 to ease out learning for young minds.

  1. YouTube Kids

YouTube has come up with this version of the app and site to offer you better access to the filtered videos for the young generation. We found the features of the app to be pretty easy and simple to understand. The app is kid-friendly enough to let the kids explore it without any assistance from your end. However, we, at The Navyandhra School, would still advise you to guide the kids when they are using any app on mobile phones. As such, you can easily know what your kids were watching by simply clicking on the ‘watch it again’ option.

  1. DragonBox

If you want to focus on improving your kids’ acumen in mathematics, you should consider downloading this app. This one has six different games that are classified into two different subgroups, with the first subgroup focusing on children between the age of four to nine years and the second subgroup consisting of children who are nine years and older. In the first subgroup, you will find options like algebra 5+, big numbers, and numbers, and there are elements and algebra 12+ options in the second one.

  1. Science360

Science360 is brought to you by Science360 Knowledge Network, which is a part of the National Science Foundation. You will find all kinds of latest videos from universities and scientists around the world that are intended to teach kids about all things science. In fact, there is a huge collection of videos that come straight from the National Science Foundation. We particularly loved the easily navigable user interface of the app. It is engaging enough to keep the young minds hooked to it.

  1. Winky Think Logic Puzzles

There are more than 180 logic puzzles in this app that make it the perfect choice to improve the analytical and problem-solving skills of the kids. We, at The Navyandhra School, recognized among the best schools in Gurugram, sector 49, have seen that the fun and creative manner of presenting the puzzles at each level works wonders in keeping the kids engrossed. Besides, it also helps in improving their motor and brain skills. The impact of the improvement of brain and motor skills, along with problem-solving abilities, is felt in every aspect of their journey as a learner. In that sense, Winky Think Logic Puzzles are not only great for children but are also quite a stress-reliever for adults. An absolute win-win, right?

  1. Epic!

Do you want to develop the reading habits, articulation, and vocabulary of the young learners? Download the Epic! app that is an expansive digital library for kids who are twelve years old and below. Your kids get to access a complete collection of more than 35,000 books, quizzes, videos, audiobooks, and other such fun activities. There are other two versions of Epic! available as well, which are for the parents and educators, respectively.

Hopefully, you have already chosen your preferred apps for the kids from the list that we have provided. So go on and engage your kids in some fun-filled learning. Encourage your kids to explore these apps in their free time, and then, even their fun time will have some learning element in it.

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