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Why is it Vital to Teach Kids the Significance of Community Helpers?

The popular proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” fits aptly with regard to the title of this article. No denying, parents and family members play a vital role in the life of a child, but so does the entire community as a whole!

It has an essential role in the growth and development of young minds. In fact, each and every member of the community has a significant role in our lives. This holds true not only for your neighborhood friends and acquaintances you love to spend time with but also for the community helpers. Yes, you read that right!

After all, community helpers or assistants are those around us who concoct our livelihoods with ease and orderliness. They are everywhere around us and are very much part and parcel of our day-to-day life. For example,

  • Those who help us at home – plumbers, electricians, and delivery men
  • Those who provide us food – cooks and chefs
  • Those who help us while traveling – drivers
  • Those who help us stay healthy – nurses, doctors, and dentists
  • Those who help keep our neighborhood clean – garbage collectors
  • Those who help us learn exciting new things – teachers

The list is not exhaustive, but the gist is that community helpers are essential as they help the community function more efficiently. They keep the community protected by assisting at times of emergency and make us healthy by making the lives of the masses better.

No denying, the significance of community helpers has increased a thousand-fold in the prevailing pandemic phase. Isn’t it! Be it the doctors fighting with the Corona infection on the forefront, the delivery man who ensured we don’t have to step out for buying goods, or the teachers who remained approachable throughout the lockdown period to provide the students with the best of education through the online medium – It is the community helpers who have always stood by us to make things easier and smoother for us!

So today, in this article below, we, at The Navyandhra School, recognized among the best schools in sector 49 Gurgaon, will shed light on the critical role that the community helpers play in society and why it is necessary for the kids to understand and appreciate the role and significance of these community helpers. Read on.

  • They are the go-to people in emergency

No matter how much you want to stay by the side of your kids, the fact is that it isn’t practically possible always. This makes it imperative that children know ‘who’ and ‘when’ to ask for help, and it would be possible only when they have knowledge about the diverse roles the community helpers play.

Children must know whom to approach in case of theft, fire, injury, plumbing issues, or short circuit. In unthinkable scenarios, if a kid accidentally gets separated from his parents or his companions in a public place, it can prove to be a blessing if he knows who to look out for and talk to in such a situation! Once kids are old enough to use a phone, they must also be taught how to call for help in emergencies like these.

  • Sets the onset of good manners

Kids are extremely good imitators. When they watch people around them putting labors and taking pains relentlessly to assist others, they naturally get inclined towards the same behavior. They grow more empathetic and responsible. Driving safely, not littering around, pledging never to steal, etc., are a few examples of good practices that become part of their conduct and way of life.

  • Aids in the emotional and social development of kids

Being within communities and surrounded by numerous community helpers, kids reap chances to build relationships that aid their social, emotional, and physical development and assist them to prosper in life. It eventually leads to the formation of sincere connections and relationships over time.

After learning at length about community helpers, if kids are motivated enough and feel like contributing to the journey of this section of society, they could simply follow these tiny steps, such as:

  • Helping neighbors and elderly with yard work
  • Taking good care of health
  • Maintaining adequate dental hygiene
  • Following traffic rules
  • Abstaining from getting involved in anti-social activities like stealing, cheating, etc.
  • Showing respect towards each and every member of the society

In a nutshell…

Community helpers do have a crucial role to play in the upkeep of our society. Irrespective of the kind of work they are involved in or the contribution they are making towards the society, all of them are vital helping hands to keep things in order. As such, it becomes imperative to make the children not just aware of the role the community helpers play but also why their work deserves just as much respect and appreciation as anyone else.  This is something that we, at The Navyandhra School, one of the leading schools in sector 49 Gurgaon, believe kids must be taught about in length.

We would hence like to request the parent fraternity to come forward and lend their helping hand in this regard. Though we, at The Navyandhra School, ensure teaching our pupils about why they should always showcase love and respect towards everyone, we urge the parents to build on the conversation about the topic at home. Explain to them that we cannot imagine a day without the help of our community helpers. Our basic necessities will just come to a halt if we encounter any sort of non-cooperation from the doctors, nurses, bankers, teachers, masons, etc.

After all, not all superheroes wear capes, and these individuals who are no less than superheroes in any way must get respect as well as backing from society for rendering their priceless services.

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