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NUR to II Board – Montessori Reggio Emillia

Who is this child? I asked once more, Just as the little one entered the door. Ours, said the parent and the teacher as they smiled. And each took the hand of the little child. Ours to love and teach together. Ours this blessed task forever. Given the chance, they want to learn. Given the chance, they will behave. We provide just that opportunity to explore life in a peaceful, unpressured environment. Our gentle guidance brings out the young child’s innate curiosity. And the result is pure learning, with no obstacles.

Grow and Develop at your own pace

We operate with a child centered philosophy, individualized learning is the key factor for us. Children are natural learners who seek meaning through their experiences and relationships. Each child has his/her own way of interpretation the world. Since Reggio Emillia is integrated to all aspects of curriculum so we are following a curriculum inspired by the core philosophy of Reggio Emillia.

We believe that all aspects of the child – moral, physical, emotional, social & intellectual. Our learning is achieved through direct experience and active involvement of the child . Our learning is achieved through direct experience and active involvement. And of course, students work at their own pace.

Key Values

RE believes in the rights and opinions of each child . A child is a competent capable and natural researcher who has the desire for knowledge and life and is always ready for all challenges..
Parent participation is crucial to the child’s educational process as it gives him sense of security and is deeply appreciated.
The teacher plays a critical role by being child’s partner and recognising many learning possibilities.